Greg Klemm

This important segment of valley activity was established over 30 years ago with Ill. Brother Watson Boyes as its first chairman. Its stated purpose was to shed further light upon subjects of Masonic interest to our Brethren. In effect, an in-depth look at our gentle craft.

Speakers were sent out to lodges and allied Masonic groups, by invitation, to address meetings of brethren. The initial success of this program prompted the chairman to form a Speakers Forum at the Cathedral in Chicago. Programs were held before each stated meeting in Parlor E on the first floor. Many interesting speakers were invited to aid our brethren and these events proved most popular with large attendances.

These two programs were maintained at high levels of interest over the years under such chairmen as Ill. Brothers Bert Gyden and Tracey Walker, Robert Watt and Stephen R. Greenberg.

Under the direction of Brother Greenberg, both the Speakers Bureau and Speakers Forum were expanded. Ladies and non Masonic friends were invited to attend and participate in our programs. The Speakers Bureau also began to accept invitations around Illinois as well as other states. Our members have traveled across Illinois to address Masonic bodies and are always received with great enthusiasm. A large number of speakers with a wide range of expertise talk on many new subjects in Masonry, occupation, hobbies, travels, etc. are now included. The Speakers Forum has followed the same direction with programs ranging from trends in Chicago architecture to active police work. The Bureau publishes an up-to-date catalog of our current speakers, now 18 in number, with their subjects of expertise. From this listing, programs are selected to suit the needs of enquiring Organizations. The speakers also appear before Retired, Senior Citizen and church groups in making presentations.

The Scottish Rite
Valley of Chicago
Speakers Bureau

Stephen Greenberg
Greg Klemm
Secretary - Scottish Rite
The Scottish Rite Library
Scottish Rite Cathedral
915 N,. Dearborn St.
Chicago, IL 60610
Telephone: 312-787-7605 or 708-748-1262

Scottish Rite
Valley of Chicago
Speakers Bureau Catalog

Randall Becker
Masons in the Civil War
Gerald Carleton
Restoration of the Auditorium Theater
William Carleton
Hugh Cole
Ancient Masonic History
Middle Ages & Masonry
John P. Curelli
The law
Jozef Dabros
Polish Masonry and related topics
James Kosner
American Masonic History
Kenneth Easton
Masonic History
Richard Gordan
Jewelry Design and Repair
Ralph E. Gray
Masonic History
Dr. Stephen Greenberg
Burma Shave signs
America in the British Isles
Medical Examiners
Masons who shaped our country History of Masonic Ritual York Rite Freemasonry
Harry D. Strouse
Colonial Freemasonry,
Masonry in early America
The American Way of Life
Masons in the Revolution
Masons and the Constitution Masons who shaped our country
Bruce D. Hudson
Military Masonry
Rev Ridell; A. Kelsey
Masonic History and Philosophy
Jarvis B. Moore
Irish Freemasonry
Masons at the Alamo
William E. Kiser
The Illinois Masonic Children's Home
James McGillvray
Military Masonry
Dr. Ronald D. Wise
Russell L. Schlosser
Harold Spelman
Masonic Education
Alfred Grossenbacker
Grand Lodge substance abuse and Blood sharing Program

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