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The AASR, Valley of Chicago's Museum of the History of Freemasonry, is open to the public. The Museum contains historical exhibits of Masonry and Masonry and the community. the Museum is open every Tuesday and Thursday and other times by appointment (1-312-787-7605). Both Masons and interested members of the community are welcome. Exhibits change regularly.

The Museum has featured an exhibit on Freemasonry and the Civil War. No subject of American history has so captured the interest of the American public as has the Civil War, or the War of the Rebellion as it is called in the South.

Those of us who are Freemasons have a double tie to the War, It has been estimated that there were 500,000 Free and Accepted Masons in this country at the time of the conflict. Roberts, in his book, "Masonry Under two Flags," stated that "Masons made up about eleven per cent of the armed forces of both the United States and the States. Eleven percent would make about 17,930 members of the Masonic fraternity.

Acts of kindness between Masonic combatants, "Brothers for life, enemies for a moment” abound. Prior to the actual conflict many of the Grand Lodges by resolutions and otherwise did all they could, in the name of Brotherhood, to stave off the conflict.

In recognition of the part played by Freemasons in this conflict they have been permitted to erect the only non-governmental monument on the grounds of the Gettysburg National Park, "The Friend to Friend Masonic Memorial, " a copy of which was on display in our Museum's Civil War exhibit. A most fitting tribute to the effort expended by Freemasonry on behalf of our country in this most trying of times.

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