Some Interesting Colonial Facts

1. Freemasonry started in Colonies in the early 18th Century.

2. The earliest Lodges were occasional of time immemorial usage.

3. First American Born Mason was Governor Jonathan Belcher of MA raised in England in 1704.

4. Earliest use of word Freemason was in the Boston News Letter of 1/5/1718.

5. First Lodge meeting was probably in King's Chapel, Boston in 1720;

6. First newspaper account of Freemasonry was in Boston 5/25/1727.

7. First deputization of a Provincial GM was 6/5/1730 by Duke of Norfolk to Daniel Coxe Provincial GM of NY, NJ andPA for 2 years. He did very little.

8. First American newspaper notice of a lodge meeting was in the Pennsylvania Gazette 12/8/1730.

9. Oldest American Lodge account book is Libr B of 6/25/1731 belonging to a lodge of time immemorial usage in Philadelphia.

10. First known warrant from GL of England was exercised in America on 4/13/1733. Henry Price was named Provincial GM. He then founded a Provincial GL in Boston 7/30/1733.

11. First regular constituted lodge in America was First Lodge (St. John's) in Boston 7/30/1733.

12. First lodge in America registered in GL England was First Lodge of Boston.

13. First Masonic Officer in North America to have jurisdiction of all North America was Henry Price through authority given in August 1734.

14. First Masonic book published in America was Ben Franklin's reprint of the Anderson Constitutions in Philadelphia 1734.

15. First exercise in America of the right to grant Provincial powers was the appointment of Ben Franklin Provincial GM of PA 2/21/1734 by Henry Price GM of his Majesty's Dominions in N America.

16. Regular authority was granted for duly constituted Freemasonry in New England in 1733, In all N America in 1734; in PA in 1734; in S America in 1735; In SC, GA and NH in 1735 & 36; in the W Indies and NY 1737; in Antigua and Nova Scotia in 1737/8 in Jamaica and St., Christopher in 1739; In Barbados in 1739/40; Bermuda in 1742, in New Newfoundland in 1746; in San Domingo in 1748 and RI in 1749.

17. By 1750 at least 40 Lodges had sprung from the Provincial GL in Boston and others direct from London.

18. First Anti Masonic movement was in PA on December 27, 1738 19. Earliest record book still preserved is First Lodge in Boston begun 12/27/1738.

20. Earliest known records are of St. John's Lodge, Portsmouth, NH and begin Oct 31, 1739.

21. First known records of Tun Tavern Lodge of Philadelphia begin 4/15/1750.

22.MA GL records are continuous from 12/27/1738, the oldest GL records known in the Western Hemisphere. 23. First procession of a Masonic Lodge in public in America was in Charleston SC 5/26/1737.

24. First procession in regalia was in Boston 6/24/1737. 25. First lodge to attend church in due form was in Barbados 6/24/1740.

26. First record of construction of a Masonic Hall in Western Hemisphere 4/4/1744 a lodge room of great lodge of St. John's Antigua.

27. Earliest copy extant of a sermon on Freemasonry was Rev. Brockwell at Christ Church Boston at Festival of St. John the Evangelist in 1749.

28. Freemasonry of 1717 to 1751 is that from GL of England organized in 1717 known as the Moderns and just as the period closed the Antients were formed.

29. Many of the leading men in the colonies were Freemasons.

30. Ritual was more or less fluid during this time in all the colonies.

31. Henry Price was the Founder of Duly Constituted Freemasonry in America.

32. GL founded by Price on 7/30/1733 has had continuous existence from that date to now. Same for First Lodge of Boston, now St. John's Lodge, GL of MA are entitled to precedence as the two oldest bodies.

33. John Skene, a Mason, came to Burlington, NJ in 1684, from Aberdeen, he is the first permanent resident who was a Mason.


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