Scottish Rite College of Freemasonry

When the obligation is given in the Fellowcraft and the Master Mason degrees, the candidates are always asked what they most desire. The answer is always more or further light in Masonry.

This symbolizes that Masonry is not of a static nature, but that throughout a Masons life he must, in order to grasp the full meaning of Masonry, study. His studies, in order to be complete, will take him deeply into the fields of philosophy. religion, history and the mystic arts. As in law and medicine his studies, his mastery of the field, will never be complete. As he learns more and more in these fields about Masonry his eyes will be opened to the fact that there is more and more to know. By this means he will grow in stature and character gradually approaching, but never fully obtaining, that ancient Masonic statement of "taking good men and making them better men," that Masonic goal of perfection.

It is with this knowledge that the AASR, Valley of Chicago, determined that it was necessary to establish a college of Freemasonry. A college that was dedicated in helping all Freemasons follow a course of study that would make them better men through a better understanding of their Craft. Thus the College of Freemasonry was established. The college is open to all Masons, their families, friends and members of the interested public. We not only encourage Masons to participate but also those who may want to become a member of the Masonic Fraternity.

A wide number of courses are given which can lead to degrees in Masonry. Courses are held in Chicago as well as in the outlying areas. The College encourages Lodges, Districts and individuals group to sponsor college courses in Freemasonry in their areas. Their is a nominal charge for the courses to cover the printed material. If you are interested in attending one of the colleges or in sponsoring a college contact the Scottish Rite Secretary,
Greg Klemm by e-mail or by telephone at 1-312-787-7605.

The Scottish Rite College is seeking a dedicated candidate to fill the position of Dean of the Scottish Rite College. The  responsibilities include organizing programs and seminars about Freemasonry for the College.  For more information please contact Greg Klemm.

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